miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011


Esta nota es cortesía de un amigo que se hace llamar "semi-escritor". Séalo o no, no creo que haya forma de ser un escritor a medias.

A Wish!!!!

A Wish is something that we always want to do one way or another. These come from the deepest part of ourselves and souls.

Amazingly feelings are have something to do with them. An example: when you were young and they told to blow the candles of your birthday cake, you can remember someone close to your heart telling you to make a wish.

When you blow them, that you make the wish you mean it. That will show how attached they are.

Another Attached wish that I am pretty dam sure, we all have at least thought about it is this famous word. We would all love to make real: Get Away.

Let me explain this a bit to you, have you desire to not be in that exact place?
Have you desire to not care at all about problem?
Or even do not worry about anything.

You just want to do like the movies, Get Away, Escape from it. Take the wheel and drive. Where? Don't know. Why? Even better, clear your mind.

That's my feeling. I've got to a point that I'm going to loose all that I like and love.
I've touched bottom, I don't where to look for hope.

I've searched everywhere, I feel sad that I'm starting to doubt about somewhere up there that helps us. My only wish I have been praying for it for a while. And I don't get that holy help that comes from the sky and turns me into a happy mood that makes scream out loud "It's a miracle".

What I've learned is you make your life. There is no help from a god, your parents give you life and raise you, help you IF THEY WANT TO but at the end you make your life. You make the Bridge of life.

Oscar A. Fagerlund

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