domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

I blame you

I blame you... for being such a beautiful thing
for making me feel like no one else can
for being so handsome...
and so tall
for leaving me breathless with
your unthinkable hug
your indescribable kiss
your incredible touch

I blame you
just for being all that i want
because you´ve got everything that makes me feel


...and at the same time
making me live without all that

I blame you
for the fact that I simply love
just staring at you
my dear, I fucking blame you
for being so charming
having the ability to master my feelings
at a glance
that inexplicable look
that punishes me
to know that you are not mine ...
that punishes me till the spinal
for knowing you are not mine
it kills me
and because of that I blame you
guilty you are
for making me love you this way

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